Can I tailor my therapy to better meet my goals?

Yes, it is possible to tailor your therapy to closely match your activity levels.


This kind of individualized therapy – called ‘Pharmacokinetic (PK)-guided dosing’ – works by taking into account the below factors, how they affect you as an individual, and calculating the optimal FVIII levels that fit your needs.1


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PK Level Video

PK Levels Video

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PK Levels video

myWAPPS app

With the myWAPPS app you can monitor your PK profile and check your estimated factor level at any
time. By using myWAPPS in partnership with your healthcare team, you will be able to determine the right treatment for you, and tailor to match your lifestyle and activity levels.

You can find out more about myWAPPS by going to To start using myWAPPS, first speak to your doctor, they will set up a profile for you and you can then download and begin using the app.

  • Adapted from, Carcao, M. Iorio A. (2015) Individualizing Factor Replacement Therapy in Severe Hemophilia, Seminars in Thrombosis and Hemostasis, 41, 864-871. Return to content